Rotary; Opens Opportunities
We meet Wednesdays at 6:15 PM
Parade Hotel, Austral Parade, Bunbury, WA 6230

Guest Speaker – Jade Taylor

Jade Taylor, Olympian, Dual CG Gold, WC Silver, ex-Hockeyroo #21, Co-Owner of Denada Co, delivered a frank and insightful talk on her life as a top hockey player, retirement from the sport and her new interest in promoting healthy eating habits for everyone.

Jade’s talk would have interested anyone. Built with a body made for playing hockey and the vital ingredient of determination, Jade soon had the audience captivated. Points of interest for me were:
 Jade was not a child hockey prodigy. She did not pick up a hockey stick until age 13 at high school.
 The intense competition between team members for selection for top events and glory, meant that although a good team spirit existed in contests she does not class any of her once fellow athletes amongst her close friends
 After retiring in 2015 and scoring the last goal in her last match, she went through the same soul-searching period that top athletes all go through in adjusting to a “normal life.” One felt though she handled this far better than most top athletes did.
 Watching a game of hockey now is no longer fulfilling.
 Her passion now is educating, influencing people to eat better foods and embrace the low carb-low dairy-low sugar diet. In addition, running a business that promotes these ideals.
 Overall, a well-grounded person who reached the pinnacle in her chosen sport but has since moved on.
 The number of questions that followed showed members and partners really appreciated Jade’s presentation.